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BluHorn is probably the right choice for you if...

  • This is your first media buying software investment and you're looking for a software you can learn in 2 hours or less.  
  • You're looking for a software company whose owner has extensive media buying experience and uses their product in their own agency.  
  • You're looking for support from someone that understands your challenges and will guide you step by step through the training process as well as on-going support.  

It could also be the right choice for you if...

  • You're an experienced buyer looking to increase your cashflow.  
  • You're tired of paying for features you don't need and never use.  
  • You're looking for a media buying software that your assistant can learn in 2 hours or less.  

BluHorn Solutions is a kinder, simpler media buying software system that helps media buyers and marketers organize media vendors, build campaigns for clients, and create Station & Insertion orders for Broadcast TV, Cable, Radio, Print and Outdoor.  

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  • Web-based media buying software that's compatible with PC and Mac
  • Access from anywhere via internet connection
  • Organize, analyze & communicate media buys for Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print 
  • Email Station & Insertion orders with one click
  • Customizable summary reports
  • Up to 5 users
  • Free Training
  • Affordable license fees

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Straight forward, honest pricing.      

  • Monthly license fee is $185 
  • Annual license fee is $1,900
  • Minimum contract is 12 months
  • No setup fees
  • No software downloads

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